Monday, March 23, 2009


Found him starving to death. Age 2, cannot talk, cannot cry, barely walks.
He is now on a program of vitamin packed peanut butter that restores children like him to health. He is also getting plenty of love and attention as one of our newest orphans.

If you'd like to help us with Peter and the other three boys, you can send donations to Touch Ministries, Inc.
417 Rebecca Street, New Martinsville, WV 26155.

If you'd like more information about us, please email us at:
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Good Monday Morning to You!
It's a beautiful cool day here in St Marc, temperature hanging around 79. Actually, I'm chilly and thinking about getting my sweater.
We have had a wonderful time with the team who are now back in the US except for Diana and she is on her way up the mountain for a two day stint. I was supposed to go, but thought about it a bit more than impulse. No. It won't work for me. The energy that would be expended would do me in for several days afterward. Hate to admit that I'm not in shape for such a climb and that sleeping on the ground does not appeal to me I getting old? When I discussed it with Kevin who is 35, he revealed that he was still getting over the climb last week. Well, if a 35 year old is having a time, I don't feel so guilty. ( I did feel a bit of guilt at saying no). Diana was just fine with an interpreter (female) whom she knew from a previous trip.
We have had a few exciting days after rescuing little Peter from starvation and getting him into the orphanage. He was here on Sat. with Al and Bev and he's doing wonderfully well. The pictures will speak I'm sure.
Getting my thoughts centered upon teaching at ICE Bible College, Family Harvest Church in Tinley Park, IL, Dr Robb Thompson, Pastor. I'll teach Missions in Acts and The Attributes of God. This is a new venture. No interpreter needed. Don't know whether that will be good or bad. When I make a mistake at our Bible school, I can say to Kevin, "That's not right, don't translate it" Won't have that opportunity when everyone is English speaking will I?
I just finished reading First Light by Thoene. Would reccommend it to anyone. Very fascinating historical novel during the time of Jesus. An interesting quote by one of the characters in the story: "It is right for you to ask every question that comes to your mind. The Lord doesn't resent our questions or turn aside our doubts. Truth transcends doubt like a candle illuminates darkness." May your day be filled with truth and light!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Dr. Mary Mikowski, (red shirt) and Diana Blanchett Moreno (blue shirt) bringing relief to the impoverished at several different sites.

Medical Team

This week we've been with Dr Mary Mikowski, Diana Moreno and Diana's daughter Alicia. It's been the best. They've doctored nearly 300 people in various places. Two days in St Marc, a day near Cite Soliel, a day in the mountains out of Montrouis and today they'll be back in that area but not as far out. Dr Mary is one of the most kind, thoughtful people I've been around. She's not willing to simply give vitamins and send them on their way, but takes time to diagnose and treat the problem. With Diana's assistance, they've made a huge difference in many lives. The pastors that we've worked with are so blessed they can hardly contain themselves. We chose pastors that never get noticed in the scheme of missions in Haiti. The "little guys" with simple churches. Amazing when they say, "This is a big blessing for me." Three of them are my Bible school students and never thought anyone would come to their church.
Yesterday, we had an hours climb after we got out of the truck. It was awesome. We were high above the river that flows into Montrouis. So, with the river gorge on one side and the mountain on the other, plus a narrow path, it was a bit for me to bite off and chew. At one point I had to completely face the mountain because had I even allowed the drop off to be part of my vision, I would have dropped off!!! Being the oldest in the group, I felt my having a little dizziness and being a little slower was forgiveable.
We saw lots of skin problems, and lots of old people. I think the people live longer in the mountain areas than they do in the city. There is so much to tell but I'm going to post pictures and let them talk to you. Have a blessed day!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunday Won’t Leave My Mind

Today my mind is on yesterday. I had the honor of speaking in one of my Bible school students' church. We had no idea what it would be like or how many people would be there. The church was located in a very dark (voodoo) village where five other pastors had been run out. My student maintained his ground for the past five years! He was taken to court last year because on trumped up charges because the witch doctors wanted to be rid of him. He won the case and refused to counter sue but chose rather to forgive the man. He's one of the most attentive students in my class and when he was teaching Sunday School, I realized he truly is teaching what he's learning at Bible school.

This church, like so many is nothing more than coconut palms put together to form a roof and sides. The uneven dirt floor with rocks jutting out, make it difficult to keep ones balance. When it came time for the pastor to introduce us, he said, "This is the first time foreigners have been here. I was ashamed to ask my teacher, but when I did, she accepted." Do you know how humbling that is? After the message, he brought us cold cokes and crackers, cokes being a hardship for him to provide, (again very humbling). When the time came for me to speak, I encouraged him never to be ashamed because he's preaching truth and not having a big fancy church didn't mean that the Presence of the Lord was not in his church.

His suit was mismatched and wrinkled. His wife was very outgoing and friendly but her clothes were not what we've seen in other churches on pastors' wives. She was so poorly dressed, I wanted to take off my shoes and give them to her. The only reason I didn't is that we've learned impulsive giving steers them away from trust in God to trust in the missionary. There will be the right time and circumstance to help this pastor and his wife. His five children revealed how desperate they are. After the service he shared that he'd had a toothache, found someone to pull it with pliers and the tooth broke off! OUCH!!! We did give him money to see a dentist and get the job done right.

I preached on Choose the Right Rock. Since this was a peasant church in a dark village, the Lord reminded me of the experience on Russeau when the guy came in with the rocks he was worshipping. There are so many scriptures referring to Jesus as our Rock, and knowing rocks are easily worshipped by those who have for generations been steeped in animism, I used many scriptures and a rock. They were listening as I cried out to a rock (my object lesson) and listened to see if it would answer me. It's not too difficult for any of us to get pulled from believing the Word of God over what we can see or do for ourselves. It might not be a rock, it might be a plan that's totally opposite what God would have us do. We need to be very aware in these days and choose to trust God over all the distractions because He is longing for a people who will never look elsewhere. Pressure situations come to all of us and the way we handle them determines not only the outcome of our future here but also our eternal future. So, I exhort you today to choose the right Rock!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Trying to put pictures on here.

Great is the Lord and worthy of Glory,

A Wonderful Day

Good Morning! I'm so excited to have discovered a new way to do my blogs. This is so much easier than doing it right on the blog. So, you may be hearing from me a bit more.

Can you believe this? The temperature right now is 76 degrees….quite chilly compared to 85 or 90. It was so chilly last night, I couldn't bear bathing. Gary said he heated his water (a first).

We've been meeting with the Carpenters and Barbara every Thursday for Praise and Worship. It's such a refreshing time in the Presence of the Lord. And it's been a great time of fellowship. I wake up on Friday mornings with thoughts of that sweet time on my heart. The Lord said we should make a joyful noise and if you were to hear our off key blunders you'd say, yes, that's a noise all right, but God loves it. I know because the Holy Spirit shows up.

When we arrived at their house, Bev had camera in hand ready to go over to the orphanage, so I joined her. There were the three little guys helping Kally do the laundry. What a neat picture. They love helping do that. I wish I had the picture to post but I don't. I am going to try posting some on here though.

Today is chapel. It's a time of centering on God and His will for our lives. We've been showing the teenagers a G.Craig Lewis' DVD, on why teen dating is wrong. It's been powerful. The kids are having to think about their choices. Today they'll take a test on what they've learned. It should be interesting.

Now, how do I get pictures on here, I wonder. If you see some, then I've succeeded. If you see none, you know I need to learn a little more.

A scripture for today: Fear of the Lord lengthens one's life, but the years of the wicked are cut short. Proverbs 10:27. Walk today in the fear of the Lord and experience long life.L. Orphans R. El Shaddai

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm trying something new. That is to type on Microsoft Word 2007. It tells me that I can post blogs from here which would be wonderful so let's see how it goes.

Things are happening in Haiti. We've had a very unusual winter and now we are getting rains so early before the rainy season. St Marc flooded downtown the other night because of the huge amount of water that came from the mountains and with the damage done during the hurricanes last summer, nothing can hold the water back. Then today we heard from another missionary who was on his way to work at Agape, that Cabaret was having manifestations, concerning the fact that the bridge there has never been fixed and these early rains are scaring people. Cabaret lost many lives and was flooded over and over again last summer. Their only voice is to manifest. It was not pleasant for our friends because they got in the middle of a gun fight between police and citizens, rock throwing all of it!! They finally got through without incident but it was pretty scary to say the least. Praise God for His protection in situations like that.

We are looking forward to Diana Moreno, her daughter Alicia and Dr. Mary Mikowski coming in for a week to do clinics. There is so much sickness and disease that gets no attention due to the poverty issue. Their giving will alleviate some of the suffering. It's amazing to me how Haitians tolerate the pains that we simply take an aspirin for. One of our kindergarten students mother cannot find the heart medicine the doctor prescribed….another problem. If you have the money (we were buying it) finding it is hard. So, we are looking forward to Dr. Mary and Diana's loving care.

Somehow I was encouraged to go on Facebook, so if any of you are on there, I invite you to be my friend.

The orphanage is really going well and the boys are doing great. I need to get there and get some pictures of them. They are beginning to gain a little weight and look quite healthy. If we could only take in a dozen right now, it would help so many more. It costs 100 USD to care for each boy a month, when you factor in the night time and weekend help, all the food, electricity, water, etc.

We are in desperate need of a school principal at El Shaddai. If you know of anyone who is mission minded, would love a positive experience in a safe environment, please tell them about us. Our biggest need is an American presence at the school. Gary and I desire to move on to evangelical things but we cannot leave the school unattended. It's a good school and we want to see it get to be even better. We need younger blood.

They are getting ready for elections here for Senate seats that have been empty a long time. The Lavalas Party was told they could not run for these seats. Lavalas is the Aristide party. It's not a bad thing that Lavalas can't run. They were in when this country went up in smoke. Their having seats would usher Aristide back. Our landlord told us that if Lavalas is allowed to be voted into those Senate seats, many people (who can afford to leave Haiti) will leave in fear of their lives. So this is not just an ordinary election time. Please pray that it will be peaceful.

Isn't it wonderful to know we have a constant in our lives? Without the Word of God and the assurance that He's in control where would we be? Is. 33:17 says …and the work of righteousness shall be peace and the effect of righteousness, quietness and assurance forever. May that be true in your lives as you seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. God Bless. Carolyn