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Saturday, May 22, 2010

It’s Been a While!

When I realize how long it's been since I've posted something, I feel like I should not even blog. Again with all the other writing this one seems to become weighty and difficult to do. But, there is so much to tell that I'm sure for the next few minutes you'll begin to wonder why there are so many words. I remember when I set the goal to finish a doctorate in my thoughts were: I have enough words for 150 pages. Of course, it was easier to think it than to do it but it did get done. And, now to catch you up on our current events.

We hosted two teams at the same time. It was a mistake I made in scheduling but with Dan and Nancy here taking care of one team, it allowed Gary and I to be with the other team at the Xuargua. They insisted that we stay the week so that's what we did. First the team that was here in St Marc with Dan and Nancy.

Susan Bruce Hornsby from Richmond, Virginia and her team of seven, had a great week of looking for an Episcopal church to partner with. One of my Bible school students is from the Episcopal church in Montrouis, so I was able to set up a meeting there for them although they had a contact through their organization. Ultimately, they chose another church which had been damaged by the earthquake, located near Port au Prince, but they did have a nice meeting with my students' pastor. After that was resolved, they worked at El Shaddai, helping to teach and painting. PAINTING! In 90 degree weather the thought makes me want to faint. But, paint they did. The school walls, the lunchroom, the playground wall, and the little school inside. We are so thankful for all they did and we missed not getting to know them better. But, Nancy and Dan did the job quite well without us and probably better than we could have.

Ron and Sue Hillard from Scranton, PA, headed the 20 member team from that area. They were all medical people and had a system for clinic that worked so smoothly, we couldn't not believe their tally of 925 people seen and helped in three days!! It was a very busy week with all the driving to and from Port for the clinic at Pastor Cesar's church. And guess who drove daily? Gary and I. Gary was able to experiment with the bus we purchased last November, thanks to Family Harvest Church in Tinley Park, IL. It had done short runs but not the constant use it got last week and guess what? It ran like a top! I drove the van daily and guess what again? It was my first time driving on the dreaded highway but that too was a success. I actually conquered a fear and when that happens one can rejoice. Of course, I dreamt about it every night because those trucks are not fun and they do run you off the road. I learned to drive and pray. Don't talk to me now, I'm busy (driving and praying). God was certainly faithful.

When I say it was a lot of work, I mean getting it all together. The team had mailed all their meds to us before they came into the country. Box after box had to be picked up then taken to the Xuargua after picking them up at the airport. Lugging and driving….Gary is a champion in my estimation. It was an extremely hot week and there were a couple of times I felt as though I'd become overcome with the heat. I don't know how the group managed, but they seemed to do okay. (We are having rain in Port this week which is helping the humidity somewhat).

Olivie and Junior hugged me upon returning home which was a treat. They aren't real expressive and of course, we know they will move from this destination sometime since Junior will be adopted and Olivie has family who loves him very much so we don't want them to become extremely attached. But, I was watching and listening to them today and it wouldn't surprise me if they think they are in the best place in the whole world. Olivie will not drink warm water (room temperature) he wants water from the refrigerator. That's not a problem except they had to spend the night at the orphanage during one of the days we were gone and when they got home their biggest complaint was "no cold water." They'll have a few more nights and days of that inconvenience when we leave for the States. I wonder if there will be hugs when we return or scowls?

Bible school is going along nicely. We had our last class until July (when we'll meet to finish the curriculum) and next Saturday is the graduation. On Wednesday, we pick up Pastor John Paledino and his team from FL. Pastor John will be speaking at the graduation, dedicating Pastor Cesar's church and while he's here, there is another group coming in from Guatemala. Mario Babarczy is the director/founder of Hearts in Action ministry in Guatemala. We are helping him get two training meetings arranged, teaching teachers how to teach children and win them to the Kingdom! What is so interesting to me is that God arranged this so that I could meet the people my daughter-in-law and granddaughter know from their short term mission trips to Guatemala!

El Shaddai has it's last day on Wednesday, but Gary and I will be at the airport. On Monday, the little ones will go for ice cream, Tuesday is a beach day for the older kids and Wednesday they get their report cards. FINISHED. Tough year considering all the interruptions with the January quake, but we finished. Looking forward to next year and a new teacher on board from Canada. The orphanage is doing well, a man on Pastor John's team is a farmer who will build and plant a garden (actually instructing the Haitians on the how to of it all) with Al Carpenter at the orphanage. Should be interesting. Praise the Lord, I had someone to pass that off on. I am not a farmer, although if it produces a crop, I'll enjoy eating it.

Thank you all for standing with us over these hard months. We've felt your prayers and now we have another request. Our landlord wants to sell the house we live in. He wants 100K for it. Way too much and actually, we've outgrown this building so it wouldn't be worth our while to buy it even at a reasonable price. We need to build. We have the land. We pray the Lord sends the money. For 100K we could put up two buildings! So, join us, agree with us for the funds to take this plunge. Buying this building would be a mistake or so we think at this point. Our school is growing, we need room there as well, and the orphanage needs to expand in space. Thank you in advance for thanking God that we have funds to build.

God Bless!