Monday, August 24, 2009

Fixing, Fixing, Fixing

We have spent quite a bit of time fixing our inherited house! But we are drawing to an end not only in available funds but energy! Gary has worked and worked at laying some tile, fixing a ceiling, painting two rooms, hanging two doors. Whew! Need to get back to Haiti and get some rest.
Actually, we do need to get back to Haiti and should be there today. Should be there, but we won't be there until September 9, God willing.
Here's what's happening in Haiti:
1.)No electricity as the generator breaks down in Gonaives. From what I understand the Carpenters (back from their vacation in NY with family) and Barb, (back from her vacation in Canada with family) are sweltering as they have no electricity to run fans at night. And, consequently, we can't get regular emails from them....sounds like the old days in Haiti, when you barely could make a phone call out of the country. Now now email !!! Yikes, how hard is that?
2.)We just learned that the other English school closed which means we will get their children. Yvesner, the school secretary was in a real panic as parents flooded the school office wanting to register their children. What will we do with all the extra enrollment? We'll take them and trust God to help us find room for them. We rented a house to help with the music program right before we left Haiti, now we'll use it for pre-school and kindergarten. God always knows how to prepare for unknown futures. It'll be an interesting September!
3.)We have Carol Horrigan on board until Christmas along with her grandson, Spencer who will integrate El Shaddai. Carol is an educator and we sure are thankful about her decision to come and help us.
Last September we were stranded in Miami (due to hurricanes) waiting for a plane out to Haiti. We met a woman by the name of Nancy Hibbard. She's been working in Haiti for five years, and now will work with us for two months from September through November. Another blessing.
Dan Joshu is returning as a teacher and we rejoice over that. We are good through Christmas vacation. After that, only the Lord knows!
4.)Norm Dobbs a long time friend and one we met in Haiti, has joined Touch as a PR person and is raising funds by getting people to sponsor children. He will also visit us in October. We are networking with a man in Florida to raise funds as well.
Our whole picture is broadening. It's like we are standing back and watching God work in so many ways and we pray we have the energy to jump in and do the leg work, amen?
There's a whole story that could be told about this other school closing and our getting their kids but I don't know the whole story yet. When I find out, I'll let you know.
Yesterday, Sunday, we were in Ohio, a little town called Quakersville at a wonderful church that is supporting our efforts in Haiti. It was their annual picnic and the food didn't quit. I was once again reminded of my gluttonous spirit and how that must come under control of the Holy Spirit. When you know you are going to Haiti and there won't be all those delicious treats, you sort of over do it. But, today I'm wishing I had not! It's amazing to me how much food we have around us all the time. No wonder Americans suffer with obesity and no wonder the diet product market makes tons of money. If our people would have been at that picnic yesterday, they would have thought they died and went to heaven. You know, they call America heaven. When a Haitian gets deported for misconduct and breaking the law here, the Haitians in Haiti, totally shun them. Their standard line is this: You got to go to heaven and you blew it. We want nothing to do with you. Of course, we all know it isn't heaven and right now it appears to be heading toward hell with all the things going on, but we still are the most blessed nation in the world. One need only to leave these borders to find that out.
Speaking of leaving borders, perhaps you would like to join us in Haiti either as a teacher or as a short term mission trip. If so, contact us, we would love to have you come. Remember last winter and how cold it was?? Haiti runs around 90 degrees all the time, and in the winter there is no humidity. You'd call that a piece of heaven, truly you would. I'll never forget Bob Coder saying (as we were fleeing the war so many years ago)"Who in their right mind would want to leave this beautiful weather?" Well, we were in our right mind and at that time it was dangerous to stay, but everything is calm now and you can enjoy a bit of heavenly weather from December through April. If you are coming you need to let us know because our calendar is filling up fast.
Norm Dobbs will be there in October, Family Harvest in November, Brian and Diana Moreno in Februrary and we may get a visit from the wonderful church we were in yesterday. Oh, and I forgot, Brian Spencer wants to come down the first of the year. And, we may have a big medical team from PA. Anyone else? Let us know.
That's it for right now. If I don't get up from here, Gary will begin to think I've abandoned the "fixing" cause.
Have a blessed day!