Wednesday, February 18, 2009


We are always amazed at what we don't know about Haitian culture and beliefs. Here's one that we thought was worth sharing that we found amusing.

A few months ago, in a third grade class in an Animal Science book, there was a comment about chickens. I overheard one of the girls say, "I don't know where the chicks get the milk." I immediately told her that chickens come from an egg and the mother has no milk, that chicken's aren't mammals. I didn't think about it any more until Sunday at the missionary meeting. One of our friends raises rabbits for consumption and had to explain to a Haitian employee that the babies got milk from the mother rabbit, which the employee didn't believe. Then the conversation about Haitian beliefs and chickens came up. You cannot buy chicken breast meat in Haiti. You can buy whole chickens but no where, whether the Haitian market or grocery store, you do not find chicken breasts. Do you know why? Because the mother chicken feeds her babies milk and they do not want to eat the chicken breast. Having learned that on Sunday, I just asked Yvesner this question. Mind you, Yvesner is our school secretary, is fluent in French and English, a very bright young man. Yvesner, do baby chicks get milk from the mother? Yes, was his reply because they go under her wings to nurse.
We called the cook in and asked the same question and of course, it was the same answer, but they can't find where it is that the chicks nurse. So, they throw the breast away.
Of course, we corrected them and we all laughed about it but you know what? I would not be afraid to wager that they still will not eat a chicken breast.

There are political woes brewing. Please be in prayer about this. The Lavalas Party was not allowed to run for the Senate. There are six empty seats that are up for vote. Lavalas was Aristide's party and those wanting to run have all been convicted of crimes during the time they were in power. What will happen? We don't know. The UN has a section of PAP blocked off and guarded to protect it from the Lavalas. Elections are in April. We pray that it's peaceful and there is no violence.

The next time you buy chicken breast remember we cannot get it here due to misinformation!
Until then may our Lord bless you with all good things!