Saturday, April 25, 2009

Almost Ready to Make My Exit to Haiti

With just a couple of days left, I thought I would blog a bit. It's been fun keeping up with the American scene but it will be great to be back in the sunshine of Haiti, and the company of Gary and Dan, Al and Bev, Barbara....I miss each one, especially Gary.

The class went well although there were a few tense moments when I didn't have the time to get my thoughts straight while an interpreter did his part! Nor did I have the opportunity to say, "Don't say that, I changed my mind." What came out of my mouth was forever out. Thus, the disadvantages of speaking to a group who speak the same language! (And, woe to me for never learning to speak Creole so that I can communicate in a class setting).

The American pace has taken it's toll on my energy level. Somehow, as busy as we are in Haiti, it's not the same pace. It may take forever to get one place to another but being late is not an issue and getting ready is far easier there than here! For me, there isn't the issue of make-up, nylons, and so forth. Always simple, cool and easy.

Only the Lord knows how exceedingly greatful I am to have had this opportunity to teach at International College of Excellence, and spend this quality time with family and friends, seeing Ezra serving God and getting to see Benny if only briefly. When my daughter-in-law hugged me and told me she hated to see me leave, God's love was ever present. How many mothers' of sons can say their daughter in law is the best above all women? Truly a Proverbs 31 woman she is, excelling in all things. Ray is beyond blessed having Stephanie as a wife.

I've had a great time with Peggy. Perhaps it's fitting to spare you with all our girlish ventures but they were fun and she keeps me on track, correcting my misstatements and getting me back on the Word. I'm so thankful to her for tenacity. She got to lead her 83 year old mother-in-law to the Lord two days before the woman died. Do you know how long she had been praying for her? And, how she, Peggy, would not allow her to die unsaved, having had a huge heart attack early in the month that should have taken her out. Hang in there if you are praying for family members, God is faithful. Dr. Mary Beth Pozdol, the Administrator of ICE and I had some cherished moments together as well. It's so good to be around people who are strong on the Word of God! In the days of uncertainty, we certainly need to surround ourselves with friends who know and walk on the Word of God.
Gary and I will do a workshop in June at Envision Week. Family Harvest Church, entitled, Impacting Your World. We have until May first to come up with a catchy title and an outline. Lord, my mind is blank! But, I'm sure He will drop something into either one of us at the right time. May 1st Lord, is not far away.
Leaving is a bitter sweet experience for sure. Home here, home in Haiti. How does that really work in our subconscious minds? Divided yet whole. Hummmm....something more to think about while praising the Lord for His divine wisdom.

When I get back to Haiti, I will be planning ESLC's closing, the Bible school graduations and will be getting ready to host the Administrator for International Accelerated Missions, Sharon Carlson, from Berne, NY, who will be our guest speaker at the graduations. God is so good!!! It will mean so much to our students.
I'm going to add some pictures of Ezra and the children that were taken yesterday. My heart is filled with joy. Romans 15:13 says: Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit!
Love you all,

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Greetings from Chicago!

You may know that the Lord opened a door of opportunity for me (Carolyn) to teach at International College of Excellence, at Family Harvest Church in Tinley Park Il. So that's where I am right now, actually half finished with the assignment. Gary is holding down the fort in Haiti and from what I understand he's eating sandwiches. (On top of the big rice/bean and sauce meal he eats at noon).

I'm half finished with my assignment and while it seems it could be going better, it's really going all right. The classes are three hours long, two breaks and I'm being filmed so it can be shown online. Pretty interesting and a very new experience for me. God always keeps us busy doesn't He?

I purchased a book called Paid in Full, by Rick Renner. If you want to get in touch with the price Jesus paid for our healing and salvation, I recommend the book. It's very good. I used part of it for the class on The Existence and Attributes of God, which made for a powerful session. The other class is on Missions in Acts. I get to share a lot of Haiti stories and that's fun. It keeps me in touch with what I'm absent from. I miss the work but Gary is doing a wonderful job without me. Probably a better job.

Ezra is advancing as a praise and worship musician and player. He is really something. All the years he played in the world, I couldn't be a part of it. I really didn't know how good he was. Listening to him as he takes his place in God's army I now know he's good! He has about ten students for guitar and I think he may start teaching voice lessons soon. God is an awesome God to do the work he does on the inside of all of us, but I want to encourage you to stand for your children and not give up! God will bring them in because He's faithful and because it's His desire in the first place.

Well, perhaps I can be better at this in the next few days. Have a worshipful Good Friday and we must remember that He paid the price for our healing by the scourging He took at the hands of the Roman soldiers. May we all begin to walk in what He purchased.

Until next time, Carolyn