Saturday, July 25, 2009




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Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's been a wonderful week. Gary preached on Sunday at Chapel of Victory, Richard Chapple, Pastor. I spoke to the children and that was fun as they asked many questions. They even knew where Haiti was on the map, thanks to their teacher (Diana Brinker) who had prepared them for my visit.
Today, I saw my first cousin for the first time in 40 years. It was truly delightful. We had two of Ray's children with us and they enjoyed being way out in the hills on land that was once farmed. Because John and Millie are wonderful grandparents there were outdoor games and swings so the kids didn't have a dull moment.......nor did we with all the talk about years gone by and reminiscing about our own childhoods.
We hope to get some dates in churches lined up for the rest of the summer as time races by us and returning to Haiti imminent. Of course, we are thinking about September when we'll have help in the school and several people living in the mission house. God has not forgotten us and the needs we have!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

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Still working on learning new technics.

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Still working on this, hope you enjoy the pictures. By the way, the boy bent over on the left is Myberson who is doing great since he got to the US. He's staying very close to the Lord and looking forward to his senior year in high school in New Jersey. We talk almost daily as he seeks our counsel. It's so rewarding to know this boy and know that God is his focus.

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Learning my way around Picasa and thought I'd add some pictures. I think I've discovered why other people's blogs look good and mine is just there. We'll see.

This is Dadid and we need four people to sponsor her at 25 dollars each. If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please contact us. I can put the others up and want to, but give me a few minutes to figure out how. Right now, I want to publish this so that I can see if I'm doing it correctly. Thanks for hanging in there with me. Let's see what happens.
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What a great day to go to the Water Park...about 80 degrees outside, sun shinning....but we went yesterday with overcast skies, cool breeze and if you know me at all you know, I was freezing!! I'm not sure how those kids got in the water. It was my granddaughter's 10th birthday. A grand day for her. We went to the park, ate at Old Country Buffet, came home to birthday cake, played volley ball and then went putt putt golfing. Now that's a birthday! One she should remember anyway. I will.
Last week, the radio station in Iowa played our spot all week long. That was a blessing although, we have yet to see if anything came out of it. We did have a wonderful week, speaking 8 times and meeting great people, saying hello to those we'd met in the past. And we ate way too much but there will be days in Haiti when I'll wish I had some of that American food!!!
We have a woman by the name of Carol Horrigan coming with us in September with her 14 year old grandson. Her husband has other obligations and can't come right away. They will be with us until Christmas. So, Spencer will integrate El Shaddai Learning Center. He's been to Haiti before, years ago, and has done some extensive travel with his grandparents. He'll do fine and it will be a blessing to all the kids, I'm sure.
We leave for WV tomorrow with Benjamin and Sarah (grandchildren ages 7 and 4) Emily will go to Guatemala with her mother on Saturday. While Ben and Sarah are in WV they will stay with us and their other grandmother. My agenda while they are with me will be to take them swimming every day. (Provided global warming allows us to have warm days).

I get the chance to talk with Myberson, one of our high school students who is now living in the US. He's been faithful to chat with us and get our advice. I'll be glad when school starts in New Jersey so he'll have something to do. He's keeping focused on the Lord but coming back into the States has been an adjustment as was his time in Haiti. It's a blessing to be able to continue to sow into someones' life though. We are very thankful for that.

Yvesner, who is watching over the orphanage for us, keeps us informed that all is well and the boys are doing fine. That's comforting news. They've had very little rain in Haiti this summer in the St Marc area. After last year that too is comforting.

Blessings to all of you. Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hi Friends,
We are in Iowa, sitting here looking and wondering at what happened to the wonderful sun that was shinning brightly this morning?? It got cold and is raining .....on our parade...I might add. We were supposed to do some historical tours today. Oh well, there has to be rain so we can appreciate the sun. Actually, I'm missing the Haiti sun but not the high humidity they are experiencing currently...with very little rain.
Between Facebook, emails and blogger, I could spend my life on the computer. A rather grim thought. When I got rid of the telephone habit, I thought GLORY! now I have more time with the Lord. Then computers kicked in, internet, and all the rest , so here I am in another struggle. Anyone else struggle that way? Some decisions have to be made and stuck to!!
We were on the radio yesterday and it was a delightful time getting the Word out, getting the message and this passion for children out on the air waves. We were so well received, it shocked us. But, people want to know and need to know that Touch Ministries is alive and well and functioning.
We spoke in Sunday at a very small, country church here in Brooklyn, Iowa. What wonderful, sweet people. And do you know what the Pastor asked about? DELIVERANCE! Methodist church and the Pastor asked. He had had experience with the forces of darkness that invade people's lives. It's the first time we've ever had someone ask that directly about deliverance.
We were supposed to go to Amana Colonies today, don't think we will get there due to the rain. (Historical site out of which the Amana name brand appliances come).
Missing Haiti for some reason, can anyone explain that to me? There are so many things we want to do this coming year and it's all jumbled up in my head. Need time to sort through it all.
Praise the Lord for wonderful friends and family. How can one person be so blessed? It's mind boggling. If you could sit here and look out at what we see everyday in this beautiful place, you'd understand. A lake, a forest, birds and quiet, peaceful, wonderful time to reflect on blessings....can we truly count them one by one? I doubt it.
Until next time......and if you'd like to sponsor a child for 25 dollars a month, please contact us at: Touch Ministries, 417 Rebecca Street, New Martinsville, WV 26155
We'd love to hear from you. "Christian educaton saves a nation, one child at a time." We are asking four people to sponsor one child at 25.00 a month. I'm going to post each one, you pick one and give. We are changing lives and we want everyone to share in the reward.