Saturday, April 23, 2011


One Missionary meeting Sunday a while ago.

Happy Easter from the Walkers, Gary and Carolyn, Junior and Oliver and from the Lovelands, Peter and Carol (who were kind enough to visit us for a week).

Friday, April 22, 2011

...And on your Feet Place the Gospel of Peace

I must share a little excitement before it's forgotten and never shared.  While on my way to school near 9AM Thursday morning, on my way to school to teach in chapel, I had an accident.  Turning right to go up the hill to the school, a motor cycle ran into me.  Of course, I was going very slowly while turning the corner so it wasn't a great impact, it was more or less that he bumped into the van. 

As the taxi driver looked at me he pointed to his cheek then moved his bike away to the side of the road.  I sat for a moment considering what I would do.  Get out, get away??? What??  There was also a man talking rapidly at me, so thinking he was telling me to get out of the car, I did.  By now there was a crowd.

The driver stood quietly, not saying much but kept putting his finger on his cheek meaning he was injured there.  The other man who was doing a lot of talking, finally made me understand that he was saying, "It's not your fault."  Whew!  Someone saw it and said it wasn't my fault.  He then told me to go on to school, that he and the taxi driver would come up.  (He was really protecting me because the crowd was getting larger and in a crowd there can be big problems such as one in the crowd getting angry then you have a mob scene).

I went on up to school, parked, and by the time I got out of the car, they were there.  Waiting for Petit Homme to translate for me, I put my fingers on the side of the taxi drivers face and told him how sorry I was that all this happened.  With a translator, I asked him what he wanted me to do.  He said he could not work the rest of the day that he was in too much pain, so he needed to pay the motor cycle owner what he would make in a day which was 150 Haitian dollars.  Then he said he also needed money for pain medicine. 

Telling him to wait there, I went to the big building to get money and a note that I wanted him to sign which would release me from future problems.  I decided to give him 300 Haitian dollars and a bottle of Ibuprophen for his pain.  Handing him the money, I told him 150 was for his boss and 150 was for him and told him how to take the pain medicine. 

Do I think he was in pain?  No, not at all.  But, at that moment it didn't matter. What mattered was that the situation come to a conclusion.  Too often, foreigners are slapped with huge fees in situations like this and I was determined that would not  happen to me.  The Lord had a man there that continued to say, "It was not her fault."  And, Petit Homme recognized the taxi driver as his neighbor!!! 

My lesson has been on the armor of God and today the part of the armor we would learn was the shoes as the Gospel of peace.  I can't tell you how peace prevailed through all of that and as I related the story to the kids, they got the picture of what God desires for us.  There isn't a situation that we cannot overcome if we walk in peace. 

Walk in peace today and be blessed.  It's Good Friday.  Our Lord on the day He died, took a lot of pain for our peace.  Bless Him by walking in that which He died to give you.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Teachers Seminar whoo hoo....I figured out how to get the pics on here!!!

Left: Peter Loveland, Carol Loveland, Dr. Norm and Dr Carolyn

Picking a winner for door prize.

Introducing Dr Norm to our teachers.

Those numbers are hard to see.

God is Good!

Our dog Molly.  A great dog!!!  We acquired her from a missionary couple that left the country.

When you can't get a bookcase through the front door and up the steps you come over the porch.

The porch is on the second floor...was not an easy feat!

Sunday Dinner at a favorite Haitian restaurant, the Moreno's, Jacob, Norm, the Carpenters, Crystal and the boys.

Jacob, Brian, church on Sunday!

We have been working very hard on several fronts and sometimes, you simply need a little help from friends.  In May, Dr Norm Dobbs, (retired psychologist) arrived bringing with him, calm and laughter.  Two days later, the Moreno's arrived bringing with them their medical expertise to help the hurting.  They had a young friend with them who'd never been to Haiti before but Jacob will be back.  Especially, to sleep in a mountain village and have a tarantula sleep with him. (It happened, he wasn't blessed but he became the brunt of much joking).  Jacob is an Respitory Therapist at the VA hospital in WV and a wonderful Christian boy.  A few days later the Lovelands came in.  They are retired teachers from NY State and have a Haitian school north of St Marc.  They help us for a week at El Shaddai and we are so happy to have met them.  I mentioned laughter and laughter is what the house has been full of for a couple of weeks now. It feels so good.

Since we had three people who understood the teaching profession we decided to have a seminar to help equip our teachers.  It exceeded all my expectations!!!  Our employees received certificates of completion for attending. Dr Norm spoke about the mind and what happens when wrong words are said to children.  Peter spoke concerning children who have learning difficulties and Carol tied it all together with the spiritual aspect of teaching.  When the Moreno's return we will do another seminar teaching our staff first aid and how to prevent getting colds and flu from the children.

In the midst of all this, Bible school continues with graduation around the corner.  My St Marc group are the best!  I love them so much because they are so hungry for the Word of God.

Our season in Haiti is about to draw to a close and while we are anticipating seeing family and friends, leaving for three months is difficult.  Last year, we were in Haiti part of the summer and due to the brevity of our visit to the States, we are looking forward to being in Tampa/Chicago/West Virgina and where ever else the Lord leads.

It's now beyond the time I said I'd be at school.  Hope you enjoy the pictures!  (Oh dear, have to figure out how to get the pictures I wanted to post into the right file so they can be uploaded. Is there ever a time when doing these postings become easy??)