Wednesday, February 24, 2010



We have two wonderful little girls in our orphanage now.  Twins!  Mama neglected them.  She was more interested in her headache and getting something for it than she was in saying goodbye to these little darlings.  Both are malnourished.  With the loving care they get, good food, vitamins, we will see them change and become who the Lord created them to be. 
 God bless Al and Bev Carpenter for their labor of love!
We also have a new boy, Oliveria (and I'm sure my spelling is not correct.  He was living with a 15 year old sister who had taken care of him since she was 10, and an older sister who was a nursing student.  A medical Dr. from Portugal and his wife took a liking to Oliveria, and when the childrens' home came down in the earthquake, they were on the street. The Dr., contacted Nancy Hibbard (who works with us) and asked if she could find a place for this little boy.  She did.  The day Gary and Nancy picked him up in Port, they took Junior with them so he could meet him.  They played and talked all the way home.  Now, the mission house has two orphans.  Both will go to El Shaddai and live as brothers.  Isn't God amazing?  There is always room for one more.  Right now, we have four people from Wisconsin visiting and helping at El Shaddai.  The really neat thing is they raised money for the orphanage and got to be a part of getting Oliveria.  I don't think we will become another orphanage but you know what?  Our job is to heal the broken hearted, bind up their wounds and prepare them for the coming of the Lord. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Delivering Beds

Before the SI team came, we had to get the house ready for a large group. The day before they arrived, I hired a tap tap and off we went to get the bed, deliver them to the orphanage and pick up two beds that had mistakenly gotten there. These are the pictures I took of that day. The team visited the orphanage and they are the pictures at the top.

Making the Wall Quake Safe/Making the House More Organized