Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

In the States with Thoughts of Haiti.

When we gave Bibles to the Port au Prince grads, they were very excited, some kissing the book!  This was a last minute gift as Family Harvest of Tinley Park, Robb Thompson Ministries sent us the money shortly before graduation.  Surprises are always the best!  Pastor Cesar is doing a wonderful job with his Bible school.  We are blessed to have him, especially right now.
 During the graduation part of the service the boys played their video games....not without permission.  Olivier's is broken so he can only watch Junior play, that's probably why Junior smiled and he didn't. 
 I preached the morning service not at all prepared for a wedding sermon, so I sort of mixed it up.  We so love this church as we see the attendance growing each time we are there. To think that the earthquake took the humble building he had and this now, is so much more. Out of tragedy surely can come triumph's and blessing.
It was also Mother's Day in Haiti this particular Sunday, (the last one of May) and the boys handed me an envelope which contained their drawing. They had worked on it the day before, as I saw them laboring.  It was a complete joy for me to receive it.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bible School Graduate
Getting a reference Bible

Family Harvest Church, Port au Prince Bible school grads
St Marc First year students
Montrouis Graduation
Gary, a student, Carolyn, Barb Macleod
Passing the Torch

So Far From Haiti

Although the island is just 750 miles from Miami, being in the States, wherever we are, is very, very far from our Haiti home.  Olivier and Junior had a hard time saying good bye as their lives will change this summer.  Less electricity, less different foods or treats, less cold water.  We couldn't provide them with inverter power due to the high cost of fuel and no one to really know what to do if something goes wrong, so they are living with city power and from our experiences over the last weeks, it's few and far between.  They are at the small guest house we use for teams with a Haitian family staying with them.  Teenagers at night, their mother during the day to cook and keep things clean.  I think Molly too, was very sad we were leaving. And, having said all that a week after we've been home, guess what?  my thoughts gravitate there a whole lot more than I'd like them too.  But, God is good, and I pray His blessing on all our staff and friends as rain is pounding Haiti far too much, stirring up Cholera and misery.  Please Lord, spare Haiti any hits of hurricanes over this summer period. 

This area is the first floor, the main sanctuary floor will be the ceiling of this. 
When we left the church was coming along nicely.  I imagine the rain is thwarting any continued building but we were able to finance it and the walls on the top floor should go up this summer.  Pastor Chery is a wonderful man of God and we miss he and his wife as well. 

Our graduations were great, the Bible school students so happy to receive their diplomas.  We truly are blessed to sow the Word into these young men and women.  I thought I'd transferred all the pictures but see that I haven't so, I'm going to close for now and get back to this later.

We had a wonderful time in Tampa with Pastor John Palideno and Charlie and Nancy Young.  Everyone was so gracious.  It's very humbling for us to experience so many kindnesses.  Last night we were at Family Harvest in Chicago, Dr. Robb Thompson, and for me that is like going home.  It was good to see our friends there as well.  Being at our son's house, Ray and Steph Tamayo is a delight as well.  The kids are so much fun.  Experiencing happy families is a joy.  I can see the Lord at work and it makes my heart glad. 
Storm coming back, maybe I should get off here.  Stormed all night, and now again!!! 
Although we experience stormy weather, Jesus is at the helm saying, "Peace! Be still."