Sunday, May 25, 2008


At Russeau Kesmy praying for the sick. He moves close and places his shoulder on the spot the person has pain. He loves to do this as he believes he's called to pray for the sick after having been so impaired due to a fire accident. Kesmy is going to Moody Bible Institute once he graduates ESLC next year.

It's so wonderful to have someone to take over a job you've done for so long. Bev now tells the flannel board stories for us at Russeau. I'm so thankful for her. Here she tells about Job and his misery and blessing. After she finished we had Kesmy give his testimony of how the witch doctor caused all his problems, but how God blessed him in spite of what the devil did.

Diana Moreno working with a child during clinic. This little girl was full of parasites but a week later when they saw her, the swollen belly was flat. It's very rewarding to realize that just a little medicine can make the difference in a child's life.

The week Sharon and Diana got here, Kesmy came down with a virus that kept him out of school for two days. They were able to Dr him back to health. Kesmy lives at the school during the week since he has to travel from Montrouis to get here. We have one room that's shared by three young men. They go home on Friday evening returning on Monday for the week. Daniel, one of our teachers, takes care of Kesmy's needs daily. Pony also lives there. Pony has one leg. We've been blessed this year to teach four handicapped kids. I told you about three, the fourth is Tiga who is mentally handicapped. This year he's done first grade work and has been quite happy at ESLC.

Our friend Dr Norm Dobbs was with us for over a week. He got a lot of reading done and as he read, Mountains Beyond Mountains, his life was changed. He's a psychologist by profession and there were many days when I said, "Okay Dr., I need to talk." He's become a good friend and will be back.

Joel, Mary and Christie look forward to one day coming to the office door to get their PACE tests.

Christian does his kindergarten work.
And, our high school boys do theirs. More pictures later. Don't forget to look at the post below this one.

Have a blessed day.


Here are some of the pictures I accidently erased the other day. I'll add more in another post. When the office got too crowded, we put a window in to join one room with the other. The room Gary now uses as the office was our room for English language teaching and for instrument practice. Now it's the Principal's Office. I originally wanted a larger window, I kept saying, "Don't make it look like a speak easy opening." So, they made it small but since Gary and Yvesner are happy with it and it gives them opportunity to communicate, it's fine. It's not my office!

We had to add Joe (our gate keeper) to the office as well. Yvesner could not keep up with copies and waiting on the children who come to get their tests. The routine is this: They come to the door, hand in their PACE, repeat their memory verse and Yvesner gives them their test to take back to their room and do. They come back with the completed graded test and get a new book. He was overrun with work because if you times this activity by 40 you have don't have a moment to spare. Also, Yvesner's job is to enter the test score into the computer. We copy books because we don't have enough of the originals to pass out. These two munchkins are posing on a toy my grand children sent to the mission.

They seemed to strike their pose the moment I raised the camera. Christie (left) just turned three, and Mary was 4 in September. They've had a very productive year with Bev but the greatest advance was Joel who is now talking. I spoke to you about Joel earlier as to his deficiency caused by malnutrition. Joel is five but he's far from five. The greatest advance for him in the pre-school room was his becoming a social creature who now communicates to the best of his ability rather than throwing tantrums and not saying any words. The three of them have become quite close as the girls now include Joel in their everyday learning rather than ignoring him.

Pastor Gary does not get to stay in his office, here he's getting the computer ready for Mr. Samuel's class to take their spelling tests. We have an interactive program to give their tests now rather than Samuel stuck with one child. Thanks to Family Harvest church we are able to do this, they donated six computers and all are in use.

The girls with the wash tubs are our machines. How would you like to wash by hand for six adults? They are troopers in getting the job done and we appreciate them so much. I can't imagine the labor but they do it with a good attitude, happy to have a job. This is our "back yard". Not much and all cement but at least we have a place for them to work and hang the clothes.

I'll close this out and do another one with more pictures. Thank you for checking us out!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Diana checking one of the boys we will have in our orphanage in September.

Norm Dobbs read Mountains Beyond Mountains when he was here with us and it changed his life.

Due to the heavy traffic in the office, Gary moved to the room next door. We put the window there so he could communicate to Yvesner. It's worked out quite well. When I suggested it I thought it would be a little bigger, but this is Haiti and you take what you can get most times.

My grandchildren will appreciate this picture because they gave the toy the little Mary and Christie are playing with.

Janice and her classroom. The kids miss her very much. School work goes on though and they'll be glad to get out soon. I know Janice is glad to be back in her Iowa home.

I mentioned the office. We had to bring Joe in and train him to do copies so Yvesner could keep up with the load of handing out tests, recording grades and giving students their new books. Joe was our gatekeeper but he's working very well in the office.

Since Family Harvest provided computers for the kids to take their spelling tests on, Gary makes sure they are up and ready to go for the day.

Diana and Sharon couldn't have come at a more opportune time. Kesmy got terribly sick and they were able to nurse him back to health.

Thank God for your automatic washer and dryer, suppose you had to wash three couples' laundry by hand. Elna and Magda do a wonderful job.

Please read the blog below. It fills you in on everything that is happening here.


It's been a few busy weeks with no time on the computer. But, things are slowing down now. We had two weeks with our nurse friends, Diana and Sharon from WV and you can go to to see Diana's pictures of their time with us, although, i'll put some on as well. They left and so did Ed and Jan Reed, having completed their six months with us. What would we have done without them is beyond where my brain will go. They certainly did their share of work around here.

Now that they are all home safely our house is emptier by a few. We had Dr Norm Dobbs here for over a week while the nurses were here and with three other couples (us included) I was reminded of how well people can function in this house. Ed and Jan accompanied Diana and Sharon up the mountain (three hour hike) which was quite an experience, staying two nights. I was supposed to go but offered the trip to Ed and Jan and can I say this? I was so happy they said they'd go! Lots of pictures and lots of stories to be told over coffee and from church pulpits!

This has been a busy week at school trying to get the children through the last of their books so we can get grades recorded. Next week they have two school days which will be crafts and a movie, for those finished, then on Wednesday we go to the beach different from the one we take them to ordinarily. This is a beautiful place and we'll be able to eat dinner there as well. A nice treat for them and less work for us by getting food at the beach. No school Thursday, and our closing ceremony on Friday evening with our first graduate. Not sure how all that will work. We acquired a cap and gown, but having a single person will certainly give her plenty of attention! I hummed Pomp and Circumstance this morning as I asked our staff if she should process in and they looked at me like "What planet did you come from?" So, I quickly let that idea die, but they seemed not to have another. We'll get things planned before Friday of next week, surely.

I said last blog that I had an announcement to make. It is this: WE ARE STARTING AN ORPHANAGE IN SEPTEMBER! Everything is in place, we rented the house (which has to be completed). Al and Bev Carpenter are going to be the "parents". We will start with three very impoverished boys and add two more later in the year. This was such a God idea and the timing was incredible. Gary would walk away from me every time I mentioned "orphanage" in the past but this time he listened. It had been Al and Bev's vision. One morning about 2AM I was praying and God laid they whole thing out. As I shared it with Gary he said, "Sounds like God to me." And from there we began to put the pieces in place. Barbara Macleod had come under Touch Ministries umbrella and it will be the children she's watched and prayed over for a while now. With Al and Bev living next door to Barbara in an area called Macdonald here in St Marc, it puts more light and life in a very dark place. I have pictures of the boys and will put them on a separate post.

So we are growing! I don't mind saying we need a new vehicle and the funding to build. If anyone feels they'd like to be a part of this new venture and help us out, please send your tax deductible gifts to: Touch Ministries, 417 Rebecca Street, New Martinsville, WV 26155. Add a note as to where you'd like your gift to go. I checked on the price of a double cab KIA and it's $24,000 US dollars. If you've ever visited us and had to ride in the back of the KIA we now have, you'd know how nice it would be to transport several other people inside the cab. Our present vehicle is going on five years and due to the rough terrain, it's showing wear and tear, but Gary has taken such good care of it, it'll serve us a long time. Another vehicle is for the use of a growing staff. Our truck is on the road daily taking children home, driving up the mountain, going to Montrouis (once a week) and frequent trips to Port. If it breaks down, we will be in trouble.

We don't know how many people will be at El Shaddai in the fall. We have two people coming to help us: Dan Joshu from southern IL and Jessica Mauldin from southern IN. We know both and they are wonderful people. Al will work at the orphanage but also be the maintainance man for Barbara's needs and our needs. It should free Gary up trememdously as has Al this year. We will miss them at ESLC next fall but they are still a part of us and the ongoing ministry.

I'm going to close this out and try to get lots of pictures loaded. I thank God for each of you who take the time to read about what we are doing. If any of you would like to bring a team to Haiti, contact our US office.---Carolyn

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Work, Work, Work..........

Gladimir is on the floor doing his work. It's cooler there. This time of year we get pretty relaxed at ESLC with heat and humidity rising but that doesn't stop our..............

......"Willing Workers"!!!! Ed and Jan wanted to know what they could do on a day we had to run errands. Inventory would be a great thing to have done and inventory they did. They counted every pencil, book, paper, you name it that we had.
It wasn't an easy job but for them, they made it go fast.

We've been off line for days, good to be back, more later!

We have some exciting news!