Monday, June 29, 2009

Nothing like family and grandchildren. This is my Emily, soon to be ten years was yesterday she was born.

We had a great time at Family Harvest Envision week! The speakers were challenging and brought the Word with anointing. It is always a highlight for us to be a part of the meetings, but this year was even better than last! The last night, R.W. Shaumbach spoke. When a man of God of his age stands to speak, everyone wants to listen. He encouraged us to stand strong in the coming weeks and months that God will always pour forth His love and protection, no matter what is happening around us. We all know, encouragement is much needed in this hour as darkness covers the earth in a way we've never experienced before. Dr. Avanzini, Dr. Mike Murdock, G.Craig Lewis, and Kong Hee all had a word for us in this hour.

This year they had workshops going on between morning and evening meetings. Carolyn had the privilege of speaking at two entitled, Impacting Your World. She also got to participate in the International College graduation exercises. So now, we begin a new week, looking back at all we learned and experienced, looking forward to what the Lord has in store for us as we travel to Iowa. God is good and we have so much for which to be thankful!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009


Time doesn't stand still whether we are in Haiti or the States. It's amazing that each second is clicking away a lifetime. No wonder Paul said to Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice! The passage of time should be measured by the joy we have in our hearts because it will go on eternally IF we remain faithful.

Thinking about Haiti and how we can improve upon the foundations we've laid. Also thinking about this summer and how we can impart the vision to friends here so that there is the necessary funds to continue.

I've been reading, Too Small to Ignore, an amazing book and it's changing my life. It was written by the CEO of Compassion. Children are of such great value that we must continue to reach out to them.

The one thing (to borrow a phrase from Glen Beck) it seems we've been unable to get others to see is the importance of educating children. We all know it's important but in our Western thinking, it's part of the cycle of life for a child. Not so in Haiti. Children can start out in school, go a year or two and then have to drop out due to their impoverished money. One little boy (in another school) was absent because he had no shoes to wear.

My point is this: We seem not to take note that education is ministry and that in educating children in a third world country, can eventually change a nation. Gary and I have been at it for nine years now. We've watched El Shaddai change lives. We've watched as their eyes become opened to the Gospel (which is our main focus), to Science, Math, and English plus the other subjects they have.

I asked at the end of the school year to tell me one thing they learned this year that they didn't know before. The answers were interesting; planets, insects, electricity.... For children who would have been in a crowded school, with a teacher standing at the board having them repeat over and over a phrase until it was memorized, never explaining why it was true, what our kids said that day means they are expanding their understanding of life and the world around them. They are learning to think and reason. This is ministry!

El Shaddai kids won't grow up with the same narrow thinking that's prevailed generation after generation. They won't buy into the wild stories of voodoo if they understand how bodies function and how electricity works. Our kids are learning God is real and that He is powerful and that the devil is defeated. They are also learning that a man can't be turned into a donkey or a woman can't be pregnant for years. Light always dispels darkness, truth always dispels lies and education dispels ignorance. Children must learn to reason so they don't become victims of superstition.

When you give a child love, he has value. When you give him Christ, he learns he really has value and when you give him an education along with love and Christ, he knows he can conquer the world. Education will change a nation.

Look at the faces of our those God has entrusted to us. The future of the church, the future of Haiti. Amazing God, amazing children. Education! Changes a Nation. I'm convinced. Are you?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Last chapel. I sure miss this already.
Chatting at a missionary meeting with friends, Marion and Gale. The elderly ladies group!


Hello All,
We arrived home safely after being jostled about in the plane from Miami to Pittsburgh. Only lasted a minute or two but might as well have been longer, seemed that way! Not fun bouncing up and down violently, in your seat, while holding on for dear life and sending up very scared prayers (do those kind work?). Was glad to land and have our feet on the ground, to say the least. Very, very thankful!

Trying to get settle in and feel like this is where we are supposed to be. We need a car, so that's first or second on the list. Can't do much without wheels. Going to Chicago next week so we have to find something. We've always given a car to use for the summer from a dealership in town, but due to the economy, they are closed. Thanks economy, you put us in a pickle. But, the Lord is faithful and something will turn up!!!

Needing to get the house in order so I'm not behind all summer. We leave here on Tuesday to head to Chicago, then Iowa, then back to WV. Gary had a hard year, he's happy to be back, I think. Maybe I should ask him. Being here presents new challenges, like no transportation; drippy faucets to be fixed, ceiling that needs repair, need I go on?

So, off to finish the laundry and I'm not doing it by hand. Perhaps I can upload some pictures qucker from here. Hope so.

Have a blessed day!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


It was a great day! The graduating class had been attending school for four years!!! Now that we've gotten the beginning students graduated, we'll have graduations every year. Isn't that exciting? Thirty graduates, ninety enrolled, and who knows how many next year.

We need help! If you feel called to the mission field please join us for a month, three months, six months, nine months. It will change your life while your ministry will change the lives of others.

Barbara Macleod started as a student with us and is now teaching the first year students. Saturday is the day we look forward to because we get to impart the Word of God in a classroom setting, for four hours!

Our graduation was in another church because where we teach is not quite completed yet.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy the pictures.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Myberson's Speech

At ESLC's closing and Kesmy's graduation, Myberson wanted to give a speech. Myberson is the boy to the left of Kesmy (white T shirt). Myberson was sent to Haiti two years ago because he was getting in trouble in New Jersey. His mother sent him here to "save his life." He tried to beat the system at El Shaddai last school year, but then he got SAVED! When he came back this year, he came to work and work he did. He just came by a few minutes ago to say that he was leaving on Thursday for the States. He gets to go home and we are confident that he's ready to do what is right and get through his last year of high school. We knew he was going home on Thursday, but he was just told. He was so happy. We will miss him and I thought you'd like to read what he said last Friday to the parents, teachers, Kesmy and the kids.

You know as I look back at this year, I have to say that I'm proud of what Kesmy and I did. Out of all the students here at El Shaddai, we were simply the best! Kesmy and I had the most pressure on our backs, and I can say we succeeded.

When I came back to El Shaddai this year, I had a mission to accomplish. My goal was to work so hard that I would be in a great position to graduate and to go to a great college. By the grace ofGod, I've reached that goal. I have succeeded and I've won the battle. Though, unlike Kesmy, I'm not graduating this year, I can say this, next year will be my year. I've learned to push myself to new limits, to go beyond. I've learned that with God all things are truly possible. I mean if someone told me that I would be here with this much success and wisdom, I wouldn't believe them. If someone told God that, He would say, "Well, that's the reason I said what I said in Jeremiah 29:11!" I'm happy to say that this was a good year. I still can't understand two things: How the year went by so fast, and how I did all of these books. I may not know where I'm going to be in a couple of weeks, if I'm going to be here or not, but I know this, wherever I'm at God is with me and He has me there for a reason.

When the year started, Kesmy learned that he had to do two and half years of English to pass. For some this would just be too much to do, but, for Kesmy St Louis, this was nothing. Kesmy had a goal, he had a vision, he had a purpose, but most importantly, he had Christ Jesus. There were days when Kesmy was just flying through books, he was simply the best. There's an old saying that goes like this, "We know whether a boy is a man, not when everything is going good for him, but, when everything is going against him." Kesmy simply hated to tail! He gave 110% everyday. He wasw striving to be excellent. There were days when he would have headaches or even seizures from studying too much. There were times when Kesmy would tell me, "I'm going to do this whole set of books this month." I, unfortunately, had to play the role of reality and I would say, "No you're not." He never listened to me. I'm kind of glad because if he had listened to me, he would not be here today graduating.

This year in El Shaddai we can say that we had two leaders, Kesmy and I. We were leaders in every aspect of the word. NO questions asked. Kesmy and I won't be here next year, but a lot of you will be. I'm asking all of you, "Who here, isgoing to step up next year? Which of you will answer God's call? Which one of you here will be the leader of El Shaddai Learning Center?" I don't know but God knows.

I would like to congratulate you Kesmy. You deserve to be here. If anyone here knows how hard you worked it is I. I've been with you through the good and through the bad. We walked through the fire together and today we can stand and say, we made it by the love of god, we made it!! I'm happy that youd din't let your disability stop you, because if you did or ever do, I'll be disappointed. I pray that God continues to bless and use you.

Thanky you to God first for my being here. Thank you Pastor Gary Walker and Miss Carolyn Walker for accepting me into your school and giving me another chance at life. Thank you Mr. Dan for being a good teacher, guide, example and friend. You were a father figure to me. Thank you Kesmy bor being a friend, motivator, brother and more importantly a rival. Thank you pony, Daniel, James, Mr. Samuel, thank you to everyone who helped me this year.

We are real proud of the changes we saw take place in Myberson and we thought his speech deserved to be read by whomever looks at this blog. Remember to pray for Myberson because going back to the States will offer many temptations that he'll have to resisit. And we believe if we hold him up in prayer, he will accomplish all his goals. He plans to graduate next year, then go to college. He has his eye on Trulane in New Orleans. I may not have spelled that right but hopefully, you know which one it is. We'll keep you posted as I'm sure he will stay in touch with us.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


We got through two graduations, back to back, a beach day before that and now it's time to relax. Relax?? We have to get everything ready to leave it for the summer months. It's not as big a job as it used to be since our staff has learned what must be done but there are loose ends to tie together.

Tomorrow Gary will take our two visitors from NY, Sharon and Brittany; Al and Bev Carpenter and Barbara Macleod to the airport. I will stay home so at least two others can sit in the cab of the truck and be spared the back. Besides, it will give me a chance to get things done on this end. Gary and I leave on Monday, June 8th.

It's quite hot! Very hot! Extremely hot! Dan checked the temperature in the sun the other day and it rose quickly to 104. He didn't belabor the point. That's hot! Sleeping has been difficult but God is good and we seem to get some rest. My thoughts turn to the Haitians in their one to two room houses with tin roofs, no electricity. How hot must they be? During this time, you hear movement at 3AM. They are up and out of the house. Some people sleep on their roof (if they have a cement roof).

I'm going to try and upload some more pictures of the past few days. Hope it works. Have a blessed day.