Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Summer is quickly passing.........

Dr. Carolyn Walker with Dr. Robb Thompson, founder of ICE and Pastor of Family Harvest.
Rodney and Carol Horrigan drove from Iowa to be there for the graduation. It was our second time seeing them this summer. What a treat, what nice friends.

Gary just said, "We don't have much longer in the States." As August approaches, we really don't but there are days to get things done, speak in a few churches and continue to believe that all the ministry needs are met.

We had a great time in Chicago at the conference at Family Harvest. There was so much taught, I'm still absorbing it all. On Sunday night, 7/20, I received my Doctorate degree. It was great knowing that what I said three years prior when offered the scholarship; I am going all the way and get a doctorate; actually came to pass. There are some good things happening since that accomplishment which I'll share later. Right now, I'm watching three of our grandkids. We brought them back from Chicago with us, and every waking moment has been full with them. It has been glorious. I work with children all the time as you know, but to have your own flesh and blood running around is a joy that may have escaped me had this opportunity not come. They are so funny. We walk, swim, talk, laugh, and of course there are those times of scolding (my scolding them, not them scolding me! ) Emily just turned 9, Benjamin will be 7 and Sarah is 3. Makes for a pretty great combination.

We are focused on the orphanage in our minds. But the Lord will lay out the plans as we walk it out. I look at T Res (the boy at the top of the page) and realize that never again will he have all that dirt on him once he comes into the house with Al and Bev. Seeing him keeps me focused on our future mission of recuing the perishing both spiritually and physically.

We just spent 6000 plus dollars on curriculum for El Shaddai, so that is another big step. We are believing the Lord will supply that as well. I have also been believing for a new truck. My order is in, the Lord knows what we need.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. (I still need a blog lesson!)

Blessings to all! Carolyn

Friday, July 4, 2008

Rainy 4th of July

Our closing ceremonies at ESLC included our first graduate. The video is a part of her speech. Claire was so happy and we were so proud of her accomplisment. I've added the video.

We spent a wonderful 4th of July day in spite of the rain in our area. I got an email stating Chicago weather was absolutely beautiful today. I guess all the fire works will be on hold unless it clears enough for them to set them off. No concerts in the parks, that's for sure.

Gary spent the week working on our bathroom, fixing water damage which occurred before the roof was fixed. A couple more days should find it all done and as I told him, once it's done it's done, I'm not into changing things every five or even ten years.