Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stormy Saturday Evening

I promised Pastor Richard C. that I'd add to the blog today, so I'm keeping my word since we have an evening we aren't out running. This is a picture of Barbara Macloed's rented home. The landlord is adding a new apartment on top so the Carpenters can live in the bottom. It's right next door to the house we rented for the orphanage.

Al and Bev are standing on the orphanage porch and we must pray it looks more finished than that when we get back. The rooms are quite small but they'll work well and there is enough space between the porch and the wall for the kids to play.
Those front windows will be louvered with cement blocks I think. After we get some screening on them, they'll be just fine. It's going to be a stretch for the Carpenters after living with us because they won't have the protection there that they enjoyed at the mission house. There won't be a cage on their porch for a while although, it will probably a priority once they spend a night there. In case I haven't explained it before, they will live in this little house for about six weeks until they get the nanny trained then, they'll go next door at the end of the day to have some time of reprieve and the nanny will spend the night with the boys.

Across the street a man has a bakery, well, not like any bakery you are thinking about but a bakery none the less. The rats are abundant. We need to pray the rats stay on that side of the street and don't decide to pass through the orphanage! Surely they'll not get nosey and come over. But, I have a feeling Al and Bev will have some rat stories before long.

Pray that Al and Bev can raise the funds needed to pay the rent on the apartment next door and enough for their needs beyond what they'll receive through working at the orphanage. Al lost 50 pounds in nine months, hopefully, he won't lose anymore. We need his strength and ability to work as there will be plenty with helping Barb, us and those things Bev needs him to do at the orphanage. WE have a name for our orphanage but I need to clear it with a friend of ours who may not want us to use the same name he has in the past. I'll let you know later what the name is one way or the other.

In the meantime here's a little news. President Preval has lifted the subsidy on gasoline so it's now well over 6 USD a gallon. We are hoping there are riots over this raise in price and we pray Haiti stays calm so we can go back and work as planned. Please agree with us.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Arrived in the US on June 11th.

Here they are and this is their day in day out existence. Pray for these boys and for the orphanage. Can you imagine the change in them in a year? They will have a bed, baths, food, love needed medications, and they will learn it's all about Jesus.

Pictures don't always tell the story the way we see it. Below is T Res's dad in their door way. There is nothing inside that house. He was busy cooking that day because the mom has no mind, she's crazy. This man is an alcoholic. He used plastic to build his fire with sending toxins into the lungs of all that were there but I guess you have to applaud him for trying to cook. This house sits right at the ocean edge. The family asked us that day to take T Res, (the boy pictured at the top of the blog.

Finally getting back to working on the blog. Hope everyone didn't give up and go away. Have a couple of new pictures of the future orphanage. We are glad to be in the States, have seen all of our kids and now it's time to think about Touch/Haiti again. Lots of planning this summer and we are looking for churches in which to speak. If anyone wants us please call. Our cell number is: 304-771-8252 and our land line is 304-337-4050.

Our friends the Horrigans from Iowa pulled up in the wee hours of the morning in their motor home. They are on their way to FL and are having generator problems. We haven't visited yet, they are still resting. We rejoice in their coming here since there are no plans for us to travel to Iowa this year. Gas costs are so incredibly high as you all know so we are conserving and looking to generate all activity in WV area except for one more trip to Chicago for Family Harvest's conference week.

Hope you enjoy the pictures of Al and Bev in their new home. A little four room Haitian building that currently is unfinished but should be done in September. As Bev put it, I have grass growing and goat dung all over the floors or doors yet as you can see.

I'm putting together our power point which will have a lot of video this year......will try to get it on the blog soon. Agree with us for 24,000 dollars for a new truck. Since the ministry is growing and expanding another vehicle is now imperative. God is our source and we are trusting HIM.
God Bless, have a great day! (I can't find the pictures so here is one of our kids waiting for the Carpenters to get back to Haiti.........) Gotta go fix breakfast.