Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nearly Thanksgiving

Here it is Sunday night, time for bed (for me) and I realized if I don't start writing blogs, no one will ever want to follow us.  However, when you have the internet connection problems that we've had and carry the schedule that we do and play Words with Friends on Facebook, time for blogging escapes. 
We had a wonderful dental clinic for five days, Stephanie Tamayo, my daughter in law was here as the Dental Hygenist.  You know that was a treat for me!!! First family member to break the "I am not coming to Haiti mold" so now I'm looking for the others, but won't hold my breath!

Olivier and Junior had their first birthday party ever and it was fun although, it took all day when there was studying to do for Bible school and my presentation on Saturday showed  the lack of prep time.  But, Junior and Olivier had the time of their lives as we joined with the orphanage kids, Al and Bev Carpenter, for a few hours at the beach , then back to the orphanage for hotdogs and cake, and presents (the best part).  They are still running around here playing with their toys and just finished off the last of the cake after supper.  These boys are the best. God really blessed us and we pray they continue to be obedient even as Junior turned 13.  Grades are good, they are fun and we love them.

In the throws of Christmas practice.  Bethany Painter, volunteer , is teaching a dance to Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee, to the older kids.  They are into it, no discipline problems there, all are striving to do it just right.  Refreshing for me to say the least.  A Christmas that did not depend on this aging brain to not only come up wtih an idea but also the execution of it.  Ashley Longardner is working with the younger ones, and they are doing a great job as well.  Kendra Swick is teaching the pre-schoolers a song and they will do their annual manger scene.  Ahhh, Christmas! The tradition goes on.  And Jesus really was born in a manger in Bethlehem, in case someone reading this has doubts.  Everything needed to know is in the Bible. 

Thanksgiving will see our house rocking with people.  The whole missionary community that we fellowship with on a bi-weekly basis!!  It should be fun, because all I have to do is a turkey (we'll have two) dressing, and maybe a little of this and that.  When I get started in the kitchen the ideas start popping.  Sort of like the vision for Touch Ministries.....the more I think about it the bigger the vision gets.  Who will carry on the vision?  Not that I'm planning to go to heaven anytime soon, but turning 70 has me thinking there better be someone who joins us to carry this thing on. Watching our volunteers jump around and have extreme energy reminds me of a younger Carolyn but today, she's not jumping around but walking from here to the chair.

During the Thanksgiving weekend there is a wonderful crusade going on in town and we will host some of the people who have come in.  So that's our Thanksgiving weekend.  Bible school fits there as well.  Preaching on Sunday too.  Never a dull moment when allowing the Lord to be Lord of your life. And we've started a Sunday church meeting on the days we don't have missionary meeting.  It's really neat.  Today there were over 15 so it's growing.   

Going to add some pictures.  Thank you, Family Harvest Church for the great team you sent.  It was awesome and for me a time with family and friends.  The people will never be the same due to your love, care and ministry.  Going to WV for Christmas, getting there just about at Christmas but looking forward to seeing family whom we miss so much.