Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This and That............

St Marc had their holiday. Every year, St Marc gears up for St Marc Day. I, in my ignorance, thought it was a celebration of the birth of this city. But, that's way off and I finally learned what it is about. St Marc! It's a Catholic holiday here in St Marc. If you look at the banner you will see an arch type thing. That is the image and reason we have St Marc Day. We happened on this parade as we were returning from an excursion into a different part of the city (outside the city actually in an area called Holt St Marc, the "suburbs" very tropical and empty--it was sort of a Sunday afternoon ride on Saturday). So, here was this "thing" on top of a truck and hundreds of people following it and my education as to why we have St Marc Day. St Marc, according to the Haitians is an angel that they celebrate. Are you getting this? This is a very demonic holiday. The witch doctors come in with their paraphenalia and sell witchcraft!! So goes the city.

Ed and Jan our "Willing Workers" were at it again. I needed to have inventory taken and by gum! the Reeds were right on it. They worked an entire day, sorting, counting and recording what we have in this house.
Now when we come home I'll know exactly what needs purchased for next fall.

When they finished they were exhausted but that's our team! We've had an exceedingly wonderful year.

I'm about finished with the dissertation, six weeks in a chair is a long time!

Have a blessed day and remember He is faithful who promised!

Praise Him!


Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Scroll down for commentary on pictures........Have a wonderful day, remember this is the day the Lord has made we will rejoice and be glad in it!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Good Morning: I thought I'd keep you closely posted to the current situations in Haiti. It started in LesCayes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday it had spread to St Marc, Gonaives and Port au Prince. There is burning everywhere, rioting in the streets over the food price situation. People are hungry and speaking out the only way they've ever understood to a government that (up to this point) seems not to listen. They waited yesterday to hear something from the President but he failed to speak. He probably has no answers. But to a hungry people no answer means to continue their protests.
We closed school yesterday at noon, after the children had eaten their lunch. Gary drove through flaming barricades to get the kids home, taking short cuts off the main road to get away from the fires although he didn't even know where the short cuts would lead him. Kevin was with him and said, "Pastor Gary, are you sure you want to go this way?" Gary had no other choice. Needless to say he was glad to get home.
We are not having school today and tomorrow and praying this cools down soon before it is a situation no one can handle. We found out the UN has a mandate to keep another coup de tat from taking place so we trust there won't be a coup.
That's the worst of it. What about us? We are safe. If you looked outside right now you'd see it peaceful and calm as though nothing were going on. We are several blocks from the main road which is where the blockages take place. Usually all we can see is smoke from our porch.
We were supposed to get a visitor from Port this week. Talked to him by phone and he said the trouble in Port has prevented him from moving at all. The roads to his house are all barricaded. He also said the windows up Delmas (where we do all our shopping in Port) have all been broken out. The protestors anger always flares at the "rich" as though they were deliberately raising the prices but if you listen to the world news you know it's a global thing.
Again: I'm simply keeping you posted, asking you to pray and letting you know we are safe. This has to end soon!!
Have a blessed day.
Gary and Carolyn