Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Here we are the fourth day of school!!  Who would have thought in 2002, we would be here today doing that which began then.  I remember Gary saying, "I don't want a school, I don't want anything to do with the school."  So, with his permission, I started with two, then five and the following year we had 21.  Needless to say, he joined in as there was no way I could do it alone.  Now, he's really more involved in the ongoing process than I.  This year, we ordered 11,000 dollars worth of curriculum.

Our pre-school has a licensed teacher directing it.  Kendra Swick is enjoying preparations for each day and the children are the beneficiaries of her plans.  God knows how to plan and to carry out the plans.  All we have to do is be faithful.  Ever think about that?

Our rent is going up on one building.  As you know we use three rented buildings for El Shaddai.  So, this is the year we are thinking, praying, planning for our own building.  We must get out of these rental situations.  We have our eye on a building that can be enlarged and we are waiting for approval and good papers on it.  Once that happens, we'll begin to make it usable.  It was once a church and has possibilities to be a structure we can use not only for school but for many activities, including Bible school.

According to Blogger, they've updated their blogging.  I'm going to post some pictures and see what happens. If it gets too frustrating, I'm outta here.  Time is of the essence as I'm now the principal of the pre-school, kindergarten, first and second grade.  It's more work than the classroom, but there is nothing wrong with work. We simply need to make sure our work glorifies Him.

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