Friday, September 23, 2011

One Full Week Completed

We are still talking to new students about coming to El Shaddai, so our enrollment at 80 is far from complete.  Already, we see some challenges and this year in first grade, it's girls.  Interesting.  Ashley Longardner said she was so blessed to see that the first graders were able to complete their first Word Building pace.  They did it. They all passed, on to the second one and a new letter sound.

Junior has been relentless with his homework, and of course, Olivier follows.  Work, work, work. I  had to tell Junior to put his books away the other evening.  Gary had moved him up ten paces because he felt he wasn't being challenged at the level he was working last year.  Junior cried thinking he was in trouble.  Then he decided to conquer it and has.  He'll end up with a very high number of paces this year.  Last year he did 106.  Requirement is 60.  (and a 99% grade average).  Today he's working on his construction outside.

Junior has been building a house. He does it the Haitian way, gets the dirt, sifts it, mixes it (as though it were cement) and constructs.  It's quite a structure and quite ingenious.
This looks very much like a Haitian house.  

He's working on this one, the dirt on top is wet.  This takes a lot of time and  thought.

Everyone else is enjoying a quiet Friday.  As a matter of fact this is what they are doing:
Kendra Swick and Ashley Longardner

Bethany had a fight with a cockroach last night which kept her up most of the night.  She made it up at 11AM.

A few more pictures and I'm out of here.

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